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Special needs exercise programme – Fitness for life!

At Cat’s Health and Fitness in Tweed Heads, we believe that everybody should be fit and healthy, that’s why we have a range of fitness classes for everybody.

We believe that everyone should have access to fitness and that’s why we’ve developed special needs exercise programs for both adults and children.

Special needs fitness programs – Designed for Fun and Fitness

We have a range of special needs courses for both adults and children.

All our students have a range of diagnosis, but the one thing they have in common is the smile on their face whilst they are participating in physical activity.

Why enrol in our classes?

  • Physical activity is integral to a healthy body and mind, and special needs adults and children are no different. As they say, healthy body, healthy mind, and no one should be denied the opportunity to feel their very best.
  • Cat’s special needs exercise programs are tailored to meet the needs of all her students, with this in mind she gets to know each person and works with them to not only get the best physically, but to maximise the FUN FACTOR!! After all, exercise should be fun.
  • Exercise improves cardiovascular health, promotes strong bones, stronger muscles and reduces the risk of illnesses for everybody.
  • Exercise is great therapy for everyone.
  • Exercise builds confidence and self-awareness.
  • Exercise improves fine motor skills and coordination.
  • When you exercise your body releases endorphins, and this helps to lift your mood and fight off depression and anxiety.

No one should be exempt from the satisfaction you get from exercise, and at Cat’s Health and Fitness, we make sure there is an activity to suit you.

Why enrol your child?

As well as all the above benefits our younger students benefit from:

  • Cat’s Health and Fitness is a provider for Specialcise, our programmes are formulated especially for the younger special needs community and they are NDIS approved.
  • Cat’s Health and Fitness teaches your child how to interact in a team environment. Social skills are a lifelong skill that we teach in a fun and friendly forum.
  • Endorphins can help reduce your perception of pain, and those aches and pains can sometimes be alleviated.
  • Children are creative, and by letting them physically explore what they are capable of you are setting them up for a healthy life.

There are a lot more benefits to our special needs exercise programmes, why not come and see for yourself?

Special needs community taking steps towards a healthier future

At Cat’s Health and Fitness in Tweed Heads, we know the importance of finding the right exercises for each person, and we work with each person to get the very best from them, as we do with all our clients. Our special needs clients are enjoying the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, why not come and check us out at our Tweed Heads South studio?

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